Mistress Ashanti of Dublin - Sessions

I am less interested in technique and more interested in atmosphere. I understand that your submission is important to you and you plan carefully to try to find the mistress who will bring you that strange inner feeling of contentment which comes from a true power exchange. For that reason, I am willing to list some of the services I might do:

Corporal Punishment
Body Worship
Foot Worship
Smoking Fetish
Verbal humiliation
Wax play
Financial/Long distance Domination

If there is something on this list that interests you, you need to persuade me that you are sufficiently committed to it so that we can have some fun together. Send me an email explaining what you are interested in. I pay more attention to guys who tell me what they have done before. Too many guys write me emails that are just their most outlandish fantasy - often things they are not up to doing in practise. How many times I have had guys telling me they can take a hard caning and then tearfully whisper safewords after ten or fifteen strokes. That really disappoints me. Its pathetic. I respect guys who know their limits. I dont mind if you can't take pain. There are lots of ways to have fun. I do mind if you boast you can take pain and then can't! Be modest.


Since I'm talking about pain, let me be totally honest. I particuarly LOVE hurting rich business men. My sessions don't have to involve pain, but if you ask for it, you'll get it. I LOVE taking you to your limit. I am happy to do it with or without safe words. I'm happy to cane your sorry ass until my shoulder gives out. I'm more than happy to plug in my antique violet wand and watch you realise that this is so much worse than any tens machine. I'm happy to do it with safewords. I'm happy at a subsequent session, once I understand you, to do it without safewords.


A good TV needs to know about makeup. I'm happy to teach you. Of course your blotchy white skin will never match my own silky black tones, but we will do our best. You will pay attention and, by the time I'm finishied with you, the man will have disappeared: goodbye Joe, bend over Josephine!


This is one of my little weaknesses. I love degrading you, smearing you in food, suffocating you in it. What can I say. A girl has to have her own fetishes, I guess.


I do financial domination. But as you might guess from what I have said already, I'm not keen on endlessly telling you you are a worm. I kinda like my financial slaves. I like to send them an email now and then phone them up for a chat. Of course, I am quite likely to send you some difficult or painful tasks if I get bored and need to be amused. But you might be able to keep me amused without suffering, I appreciate wit and wisdom as much as I appreciate squealing and suffering.

If there is something that is not on this list that interests you, ask me about it. This is just the normal kind of list mistreeses produce. In practice I'm open to most things, except some of the more esoteric medical procedures. Complicated bondage is boring for me - it takes ages to do and I can have you helpless in minutes. Why spend half an hour trying to make you look good in ropes when I can make you look good in my eyes in seconds by making you beg, wide-eyed, for mercy ? See - I'm just a simple girl who likes to play with her toys.