Mistress Ashanti of Dublin - About Me

I am a 27 year old British born black mistress of African descent. I have five years experience in most aspects of domination. I am less interested in technique and more interested in atmosphere.

I come from a proud African tradition of strong-willed women. I come from a world of dominant women, looked up to as respected elders in their own right in traditional clans where feckless men need to be guided and helped to overcome their own foolishness and unbridled desire. I have grown up in London surrounded by European males, burdened with unsatisfiable sexual fantasies and fetishes. I have fused my two backgrounds, my proud African tradition and the life of a fun - loving London girl to create my own BDSM playground. They come crawling to me in their business suits from their high powered jobs, with their unspoken assumptions of their own strength and superiority and sooner than you can say 'beg for mercy' they are on their knees, cowering, naked, worried that this may go too far, when they see the gleam in my eye as I prepare to play with the new toy that has just crawled and whimpered into my presence.

Of course the London girl is never far away, determiined to have a laugh at your expense, dedicated to having fun and enjoying herself. I live by the motto 'Safe Sane and Consensual'. As much as I might enjoy hurting you, I never go too far. If you ask for stupidly dangerous scenarios I will ignore you. As many slaves as I may have, I never let myself just go through the motions. It has to be fun. I should be smiling throughout and we should aim to laugh together in the end, when you have finished squealing and suffering to amuse me. I believe in respect, positive thinking and optimism

For me BDSM is not about recognising the superiority of women or any such nonsense. It's a game and it's meant to be enjoyable. I'm a strong minded woman who likes to use men as toys and you're - hopefully - a well balanced man who wants to feel what it's like to dedicate yourself for an hour or two (or longer) to bringing a smile to the face of an exceptional, sensual Ebony Queen.

I respect my slaves, I feel a lot of affection for the good ones and I DEMAND unflinching respect at all times, both over the phone and in person. Be clear about this now, so I don't have to make it forcibly clear later: you never demand anything of me, you dont come with worked out scenarios and expect me to play them out for you. I'm not an actor. I listen carefully to your fantasies and needs to understand you better. (Sending them in an email is a good idea for the shy guys). I think about what you tell me about yourself, but what actually happens is up to me. Expect nothing, but to feel well used ! I particularly enjoy men who are willing to suffer real pain, but even more than that I enjoy men determined just to do anything that will bring me pleasure. Have you the strength to dedicate yourself to my pleasure?